Acoustics Analysis
CTC develops simulation tools that are capable of evaluating and improving the acoustical performance of critical systems and components. The acoustic software products developed by CTC is being used worlwide since 1993 in many industries.

Software Modules
Typical Applications
  • Predication and optimization of interior noise
  • Evaluation of shell radiation of components such as engine blocks, engine covers, intake manifolds, mufflers and powertrains
  • Evaluation of the acoustical performance of ducted systems such as mufflers
  • Evaluation of transmission and absorption characteristics of sound packages such as headliners, seats, carpets, trim lining, dash insulation and panel damping
  • Prediction of vehicle pass-by noise
  • such as powertrain, engine and tire
  • Simulation of reverberant field
  • Determination of structural response of payloads during launch
  • Identification and ranking of noise sources and prediction of the acoustical characteristics of engines, tires, compressors, motors, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.